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Mods & Fixes

◊ Air Injection Removal

If your engine is running hot at the exhaust valve, back-firing excesively on the over-run or just turning your header pipes blue - this is a good first excursion into modding your Bonnie.

◊ Air-box Restrictor Plate Removal

Opening up the air-flow through the stock Bonneville, T100, Thruxton and Scrambler air-box, aimed at increasing engine performance - in combination with re-jetting the carbs and fitting more freely flowing exhausts.

◊ Air-box Removal [KARK]

A more in-depth alteration to air-flow, completely by-passing the stock Bonneville, T100, Thruxton and Scrambler air-box. Particularly suited to where big bore piston kits have been installed.

◊ Adjustable KARK Tool Box Cover

Another classic mod and a natural accompaniment to the KARK, making use of the redundant stock air-filter housing. So simple, even the wife can do it!

◊ Carb Air-slide Vacuum Hole Drilling

Allowing the carburettor air-slides to rise more quickly to increase throttle response by fitting softer slide springs or drilling the slide vacuum hole. A natural accompaniment to the KARK and big bore combination.

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